TAF visit to Makerhaus

On Wednesday the 16th, some kids from the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) came to see all the cool manufacturing robots that Makerhaus has to offer. Makerhaus provides the laser cutter and 3D printers that I use to manufacture many of the Hack-E-Bot parts.

Explaining what a CNC mill is and how it works.

Explaining what a CNC mill is and how it works.

I helped to guide the children through the factory and answered some questions about the laser cutter, metal mill, and CNC mill.

Along with a tour of the factory floor, the kids got to see some of the Hack-E-bot prototypes in action. We talked a bit about how the electronics worked and even got into some information about the transistors and logic gates that drove the original Hack-E-Bot prototype.

The group also got to see how I connected one of the Hack-E-Bots to the internet so that it could receive movement commands, similar to how NASA controls the Mars rover. They also had a look at some of the Arduino code that drives the Hack-E-Bots.

I was pleased to hear a few of the younger children comment on how they were learning Java or C and that they recognized a lot of what they saw in the code.

All together it was a rather fun trip and I am told that it sparked many conversations and lessons on analog electronics in the days after their visit. So I would like to give a big thanks to TAF and Makerhaus for putting this all together.

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