The Hack-E-Bot runs on two FEETECH FS90R Micro Continuous Rotation Servos. Well now Pololu has started to carry them. These were chosen because of the low price and stable usage. This also reduces the number of suppliers that are needed to get all the parts and build your own Hack-E-Bot.



MAKERHAUS is a Seattle-based maker space that I am a member of. This Wednesday they will be hosing a Hack and Tell event with a few key groups giving presentations on what they are doing. Hack-E-Bot Robotics is one of those groups. I will be showing off the latest prototypes […]

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Glenn Clevenger's Mod to add an Arduino Uno to the Hack-E-Bot.

Mod using an Arduino Uno

Glenn Clevenger downloaded and cut out his own Hack-E-Bot chassis with a few modifications to add an Arduino Uno along with a Pololu line tracking sensor, 4 pin ultrasonic rangefinder, and a jumper cable to select a few program modes. This bot will do ultrasonic avoidance, line follower with ultrasonic stop, or edge detect. […]

I just scored a bunch of Mini USB program cables to use for programming the Adafruit Trinket. Now I can start including programming cables with the kits.

How to Create a new Ardublock

HOW TO CREATE A NEW BLOCK By: Didier Carne LGT Champollion – Figeac dcarne@ac-toulouse.fr Files to Download https://github.com/taweili/ardublock Files to change “ardublock.xml” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block contains a description of the GUI module contains its location in a menu “ardublock.properties” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block contains the definition text to display in the GUI “ardublock_fr.properties” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block […]

NWC 37 Hack-E-Bots

If you attended the NWC 37 Robotics Fair and purchased one of the Hack-E-Bot kits but did not have time to put it together, or you did not have a chance to get one of the kits, please fill out the following form:



NWC Robotics Fair 1

The Norwescon Hack-E-Bots are being cut right now. Here is a sneak peek. Posted from WordPress for Android