New Supplies From Adafruit

I got some parts to try out for the Hack-E-Bot the other day. The mos significant mod that I am working on at the moment is the option for a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery to replace the 4AA batteries.



Hack-E-Bot Crowd Funding is Ready For Your Help

Yesterday we kicked off crowd funding on Crowd Supply as part of the Portland Maker Faire. All of the kids were mesmerized by the autonomous movement of brightly colored robots. We have a few support levels that will let you get a Hack-E-Bot of your very own. Please head over […]

Geek Girls Carrots Seattle

RaaSIO brought Hack-E-Bot to a Geek Girls Carrots event at the Seattle Public Library. We helped everyone build some of the bots and program them as well. All the kids had loads of fun and showed off their robots at the end of the day. We also got a lot of […]



Portland Maker Faire

Hack-E-Bot will be at the Portland Maker Faire on Saturday September 13th and Sunday the 14th as part of the Crowd Supply booth. This will also be the kick off of our first crowd funding campaign to get our first large batch of kits out into the wild.

A New Chip and More Mods

We just got our first Adafruit Trinket Pro yesterday and have it all ready to test on the Hack-E-Bot. Unfortunately I have not had the time to program it yet, but this bot has a few other advanced mods from Adafruit as well. By using the more advanced Trinket Pro, […]



Imp Bot on Adafruit’s Show-and-Tell

Today I gave a live demo of the Hack-E-Bot using only an Electric Imp as the brains so that it could be controlled over the internet. At least one person in the group downloaded the app I made and used it to move the Hack-E-Bot. Andy was controlling the bot […]

Wi-Fi Hack-E-Bot live demo today!!!

I will be showing off a Hack-E-Bot that has been outfitted with an Electric Imp today on the Adafruit Show and Tell, 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PST. To show off what it can do, I’m going to let anyone with an Android device control the robot live. All you need […]



Getting ready for crowd funding

Yesterday we began shooting video for the launch of our crowd funding campaign at Crowd Supply. We worked for many hours to record conversations about the project including decisions around hardware, manufacturing processes, how RaaSIO is already planning a delivery path for educational groups. It was many hours of recordings […]

TAF visit to Makerhaus

On Wednesday the 16th, some kids from the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) came to see all the cool manufacturing robots that Makerhaus has to offer. Makerhaus provides the laser cutter and 3D printers that I use to manufacture many of the Hack-E-Bot parts.

photo 10 (31)


New Arduino Libraries for Hack-E-Bot

Hack-E-Bot libraries for the Arduino IDE are almost done. These libraries make it easier to control the robots moment and sensors… well only one sensor at the moment. This also includes example files for using the moment library as well as the Sonar sensor. The code is rather basic so […]