Installing Software

The Hack-E-Bot is designed to work with the Adafruit 5V Trinket, an Arduino clone, however any type of breadboard friendly micro controller can be used in it’s place.

The Adafruit Trinket uses the Arduino IDE (the software used to program an Arduino), but it will need to have some additional libraries and drivers installed to work properly.

  1. Download and install drivers for Windows:
  • Drivers are only required for Windows, if you are using a Mac or Linux, drivers are not required!
  • Download this driver.
  • Un-Zip the USBtinyISP USB drivers that you just downloaded.
  • Follow these steps to install the driver.
  • For Windows 8 you will have to turn off driver signing temporarily in order to allow the USBtiny/Trinket driver to be installed.
  • Plug in the Trinket via a known-good USB cable to start the process. You should see the green power LED lit and the red bootloading LED pulse indicating that the Trinket is ready to start bootloading. If you’ve programmed the Trinket since getting it, you can always get it back to the bootloader state by pressing the small on-board reset button.
  1. and set up the Arduino IDE:
  1. Tips for trouble shooting:
  • Coming Soon.

We will be providing more detailed setup instructions as well as information to set up Scratch to program the Hack-E-Bot with a much more child friendly user interface.