Get a Hack-E-Bot


We are ready to start making the Hack-E-Bot available to every one who wants one and Crowd Supply is helping us do just that.

To get your very own Hack-E-Bot kit, you will want to follow the link and support our Crowd Supply funding campaign at one of the many levels that we offer. We will be busy assembling all reward level kits over the next few months, but they should arrive in your hands in time for the Holidays in December if not sooner.

Get a Hack-E-Bot at Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply will also handle shipping the kits out to you and all of the information to get you started with this robot will be available on this website.

We know that many educators are interested in much larger orders for use in the class room. We are working on facilitating that along with a comprehensive curriculum to start off with. For more information on this, please go to the Educators page.