Basic Programming

Be sure to install and set up the Drivers and Arduino IDE so that you can easily program your Hack-E-Bot.

  1. Be sure that the Hack-E-Bot’s power switch on the bottom is set to OFF before programming it.
  2. Open the Arduino IDE, then copy and paste the code from this GitHub page in to the window.
  3. From the Arduino IDE, under Tools->Board, select Adafruit Trinket 8MHz.
  4. Then, select USBtinyISP from the Tools->Programmer sub-menu.
  5. Plug in the Trinket using the USB cable and make sure you see the green LED lit (power good) and the red LED pulsing.
  6. Click the Upload button (or select File->Upload)
  7. If everything goes smoothly you should see the following (no red error messages) and of course, the red LED on the trinket will blink on/off once a second.
  8. If the program fails to upload, click the Upload button again, then quickly press the small Reset button on the Trinket. This should get the red LED to blink slowly meaning that the robot is waiting for the program.

You can now unplug the Hack-E-Bot. Once you turn the power switch to ON from the bottom of your robot, it will start your program.

To change your program, edit the text in the Arduino IDE to tweak the settings for your robot. Be sure that the power switch for your robot is set to OFF, then plug in your robot into the computer and Click the Upload button.

Now have fun and experiment with the settings for your robot. Set up a maze and see if you can get your robot all the way through it.