While all Hack-E-Bots are the same, you can always add more sensors and functions to your Hack-E-Bot as you go along.

The Robot

The basic Hack-E-Bot comes with a Sonar sensor to get you started by making a robot that can avoid objects. This is called obstetrical avoidance and your robot will use the included Sonar Rangefinder to “see” objects that are in it’s way.

Extra Sensors

Get an extra Sonar sensor to let your robot see twice as much as it did before. This sensor can also be used to see the edge of a table as well as a wall.

The Line Trace sensor is the first step to making a robot that will follow the path of a line. The robot can see your black line by using some Light Sensors that can tell the difference between something that is black or white. You can also use this sensor to detect the edge of a table or follow light from above.

Other add-ons that are coming soon

  • Bump Sensors can let your Hack-E-Bot know if it has hit an object so that it can back up and turn around.
  • With a Buzzer, your Hack-E-Bot can make a sound to let you know what it is doing.
  • Colored Lights will only really add a bit of fabulousness to your Hack-E-Bot, but it is still kinda cool.
  • The Claw can allow your robot to hold onto object and move them around.
  • A Servo Scanner kit will attach to the front of your robot so it can look around while moving.
  • Magnetic compass can be used to help your robot drive straight and make more accurate turns.
  • The Rechargeable battery pack replaces the 4 AA batteries with a Lithium Ion power pack.