Hopefully this information will answer most of the questions that you may have about the Hack-E-Bot.

Q: Is this a robot I can use in a robotics competition?

A:The Hack-E-Bot bot is designed more to be an easy to build 1st robot so has no real means of accurately tracking it’s wheel rotation. Tracking wheel rotation is a critical task that allows competition robots to perform so well.

Q: How can I get a Hack-E-Bot?

A: I am still working on mass production of the Hack-E-Bot kits. Unfortunately only a limited supply is on hand at the moment. I will be selling whatever kits I have on hand at the various maker spaces and robotics shows that are mentioned on this site.

Q: Can I buy a Hack-E-Bot online?

A: This website will eventually have a place to buy Hack-E-Bot kits, but for now sales are limited to in person transactions only.

Q: What do I get in a $47 kit?

A: This is a complete robot and it includes the chassis, wheels, servos, battery box, wires, small Arduino compatible micro-controller, USB cable, and a sonar sensor.

Q: What type of control chip does the Hack-E-Bot use?

A: Each kit comes with a breadboard friendly Adafruit 5V Trinket that uses the Attiny85 Arduino chip with built-in USB programming.

Q: Can I get a Hack-E-Bot with a bigger chip?

A: The Hack-E-Bot has no integrated parts, so you can put any chip you want on it. It dose help if it fits the breadboard though.

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