RaaSIO_640x480Though the Hack-E-Bot hardware is ready for production, we are still working on an easy to implement package for using Hack-E-Bot as a tool for STEM path education. RaaSIO is the organisation the will be handling this aspect of Hack-E-Bot as a full package for schools, camps, or any other educational organisation.


RaaSIO and SPIN Brings Innovation to schools via low cost customized robotics like Hack-e-Bot.

Playing games collaboratively, learning about programming, tinkering and designing things, building robots, and most of all having fun exploring ways to be creative together are just some of the ways that RaaSIO and S.P.I.N. help inspire and cultivate underlying skills that empower students to transform themselves into active participants in their schools, community, and families.

The vision of STEM Paths Innovation Network (SPIN) is to be the premiere organization delivering high quality, sustainable, regional-wide STEAM based authentic learning opportunities to cultivate and build valuable resources and mentors in communities.

At a time when there is an increased emphasis on project based learning in the Pre-K to 12 curriculum, the growth of the STEAM presents great opportunities for increasing technical literacy and reintroducing people of all ages to the art of making, tinkering, collaboration, and design. With the support of the City of Seattle, STEM Paths Innovation Network (SPIN) is focused on providing critical youth enrichment programs throughout the Puget Sound which has a grassroots mission to promote and advocate for racial equity and opportunities to multicultural at-risk youth through engagement and growth of STEAM learning labs and programs in high barrier communities within the SE Seattle area including cultural-based community centers like the Filipino Community of Seattle and East African Community Services, and further extending out to Seattle Public Library, Boy’s and Girls Clubs, Seattle Park’s and Recreation events, and other youth programs such as APLUS Youth Program, Jubilee Reach, Bellevue School District, and others. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

One of the key areas where SPIN focuses on is the delivery of lower cost options for families and youth in the community to participate in team based projects where youth create together on small teams building essential 21st century skills by leveraging RaaSIO’s educational Hack-e-bot platform.

In the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, RaaSIO will support SPIN in building and delivering  after-school enrichment program for under-served and at-risk students through the Hack-e-Bot buy one, get one program . The goal is to provide youth with a bot of their own to learn in an transformative environment that will introduce concepts of empowering curiosity through play and through challenging building sessions supported by supporters like you.

Will you join us and help create more racial equity and academic opportunities through Hack-e-Bot.

For more information about RaaSIO, please follow the link below.