Customization Guidelines

We are happy to allow groups and organisations to modify and use the Hack-E-Bot in any way that will help more people get excited about science and technology. However, we do ask that certain criteria are met in order to ensure that all of these robots remain comparable with the ever evolving hardware and educational curriculum offered on this website.

Logo Usage

You are welcome to use the Hack-E-Bot brand to advertise for a group, event, or other function that involves the use of the Hack-E-Bot robots or the educational information provided by this website. If you wish to use our logo, please download one of the following files created for both print and web media.

Logos for Print Media:

Black and White:

  • PDF File
  • SVG File
  • GIFF File

Full Color:

  • PDF File
  • SVG File
  • PNG File

Logos for Web:

  • PDF File
  • SVG File
  • PNG File (24 bit)
  • PNG File (8 bit)

The following are some suggested color values that match those found in the Hack-E-Bot logo and theme.


Customizing the Hack-E-Bot Chassis

The chassis and design for the Hack-E-Bot is registered under an open source hardware licence. Though we encourage people to modify the overall design of the robots, we do suggest leaving many of the component cutouts in place. These cutouts are indicated in the cut templates by the color Red. The primarily reason for this request is to ensure that we can continue to develop new sensors and attachments that will continue to work with design modifications. For example, we want be sure that when we design a claw for the Hack-E-Bot, your group will get to install it as easily as if they purchased one of our Hack-E-Bots.

Adding your own group or organization’s logo is perfectly okay with us, but we do ask that you keep our logo on the robot as well.

Hardware Substations


New Code and Sensors