The Parts Are In

Sorry for the lack of updates, but the last shipment of parts has just arrived. I have been organizing and building on stuff as it has come in. I even got a bit of help doing servo mods last weekend. I now have all of the parts needed to fulfill […]


The Hack-E-Bot runs on two FEETECH FS90R Micro Continuous Rotation Servos. Well now Pololu has started to carry them. These were chosen because of the low price and stable usage. This also reduces the number of suppliers that are needed to get all the parts and build your own Hack-E-Bot.


I just scored a bunch of Mini USB program cables to use for programming the Adafruit Trinket. Now I can start including programming cables with the kits.

Getting traction

The wheels for the Hack-E-Bot work rather well, but being cut from acrylic means that they have a hard time with traction on smooth surfaces. This can be fixed by adding a rubber traction ring around the wheels, but most of these add extra expense to the robot. So I […]