Hack-E-Bot Servos just got better.

I got word from our representative at Feetech that they recently upgraded to a better potentiometer for the FS90R servos that are used for the Hack-E-Bots. This should make the servo more stable and consistent for small movements. Now that our crowd funding has gone through, I will post more info […]

This is an image that was sent to me of the new pot for the FS90R.

DIY and bulk kits now available

To make things easier for makers, Maker Spaces, and robotics groups, we now have a listing for some less expensive DIY kits and a new bulk package. These kits include all of the parts that are needed to build the Hack-E-Bot. However, you will have to do a bit more […]



S.T.E.A.M. Hack-E-Bot 1

This is a special edition Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) version of the Hack-E-Bot. It is made out of stained and varnished wood with many additional embellishments. However, this is not just a nice looking piece of art, it is a fully functional modular robot that can do […]

Hack-E-Bot is getting a brain upbraid

The original Hack-E-Bot kit was designed to start kids off with the Adafruit Trinket, a small Arduino chip, for use as the robots brain. The Trinket is quite powerful for it’s size but somewhat limiting for a robot. We have now decided to upgrade that brain to the Adafruit Trinket […]


Glenn Clevenger's Mod to add an Arduino Uno to the Hack-E-Bot.

Mod using an Arduino Uno

Glenn Clevenger downloaded and cut out his own Hack-E-Bot chassis with a few modifications to add an Arduino Uno along with a Pololu line tracking sensor, 4 pin ultrasonic rangefinder, and a jumper cable to select a few program modes. This bot will do ultrasonic avoidance, line follower with ultrasonic stop, or edge detect. […]