Getting ready for crowd funding


Yesterday we began shooting video for the launch of our crowd funding campaign at Crowd Supply.

Jon from RaaSIO talking about getting Hack-E-Bot into schools.

Jon from RaaSIO talking about getting Hack-E-Bot into schools.

We worked for many hours to record conversations about the project including decisions around hardware, manufacturing processes, how RaaSIO is already planning a delivery path for educational groups. It was many hours of recordings that are to be used for the intro video as well as more technical videos for those that want to know about how this product was developed.

The hardest part for me was recording the call to action and asking people to support the campaign. I truly love the creation process, but when it comes to asking for financial support, I often have a hard time putting that into words. I have always said that I am not in this for the money however, without funding I can not bring this project to the people who need it most. That is ultimately what drives me to overcome my reluctance to ask for funding. I am no good to anyone if I can’t even pay my own bills.

So, we will have some exciting new opportunities for people to get involved and help inspire more children to become the next generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Artist.

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