Monthly Archives: May 2014

Mod using an Arduino Uno

Glenn Clevenger downloaded and cut out his own Hack-E-Bot chassis with a few modifications to add an Arduino Uno along with a Pololu line tracking sensor, 4 pin ultrasonic rangefinder, and a jumper cable to select a few program modes. This bot will do ultrasonic avoidance, line follower with ultrasonic stop, or edge detect. […]

Glenn Clevenger's Mod to add an Arduino Uno to the Hack-E-Bot.

I just scored a bunch of Mini USB program cables to use for programming the Adafruit Trinket. Now I can start including programming cables with the kits.

How to Create a new Ardublock

HOW TO CREATE A NEW BLOCK By: Didier Carne LGT Champollion – Figeac Files to Download Files to change “ardublock.xml” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block contains a description of the GUI module contains its location in a menu “” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block contains the definition text to display in the GUI “” in src/main/resources/com/ardublock/block […]